Who we are at Food Message

Silvia Bañares

FOOD MESSAGE is a multidisciplinary group project led by Silvia Bañares.

She obtained a degree in law and a PhD in Commercial Law from Barcelona University.

At present she is a practicing lawyer in Barcelona (Barcelona Bar Association) specially focused on foodstuffs and commercial aspects of them. Also, she works as an Associate Professor in Universitat Abat Oliba CEU and gives lectures and worksops on the latest legislative developments on food law.

Her career has been linked for over fifteen years to the field of food law as a consultant and advisor for food companies, institutions, advertising agencies and consumers.

She has also published several articles and books (see publications) related to food law.

Silvia Bañares belongs to:

At Food Message we are aware of the great diversity of the sector in which we operate, in which the regulatory aspects are accompanied in most cases by technical and scientific aspects. Therefore, our advisory work also extends to the choice and cooperation with the best experts and professionals, both nationally and internationally.

We believe each project is unique, and our team of selected professionals is the most appropiate to match the customer’s objectives and needs.